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Are you looking to flaunt a perfect saree look on your special occasion? Paprika offers high varieties of silk sarees for your weddings, parties, and festivals. Selecting a saree is a big thing if you are shopping for the first time. From fabrics to weaving patterns, color, and border style, a lot of things make a difference. Also, you need to consider the occasion and event.

We often get skeptical about buying outfits online. Because the feel of the fabric also tells a lot. At Paaprika, we bring premium quality authentic sarees. Our store displays what we deliver to our customers. The authentic handwoven sarees include the most celebrated and most sought after styles. Shop for Kanjivaram silk sarees, Mysore silk, Banarasi Sarees, Paithani, Kalamkari, and more.


Buy Traditional Indian Sarees in USA 

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Paprika offers Kanjeevaram sarees, Kalamkari sarees, Banarasi sarees at the best prices. With such a glamorous and lavish saree, you are sure to look like a queen as you drape it. We adore the traditional saree art of India and feel proud as we reach this glory to you across the borders. Browse our shop to get pure soft silk sarees delivered to you anywhere in Delaware.


Top Silk Sarees For Weddings

India’s saree styles are ample and different regions have their own unique saree culture. Not only the weaving patterns and fabrics but also the draping styles differ. Our store brings the most famous saree styles from all across India. Here are the top styles in our wedding saree collection.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Though made in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, the saree is world famous. India’s most loved silk saree is known for its royal pallus and premium brocade work. They are staple saree for lavish ceremonies like weddings. The fabric is derived from the pure mulberry silk and woven with mostly traditional patterns.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Paithani silk sarees are the most famous saree made in Maharashtra. When it comes to Maharastrian weddings, they are the best sarees to choose. They are handcrafted using the threads of gold or silver.

Paithani Silk Saree

One of the most popular saree is undoubtedly Banarasi silk saree. The unique weaving pattern uses golden zari and intricate designs. If you are looking for delicate artwork in your saree, try Banarasi sarees with beautiful brocade.

Tussar Sarees

Tussar sarees also known as Kosa silk and produced in India, China, Sri Lanka, and Japan. The sarees are loved for their deep natural hues and rich and sleek brocade work.

Chanderi Silk

Chanderi silk sarees are made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. The saree is a great option for those who want light weight sarees. The saree offers an excellent shimmer and gorgeous look without much weight.

Baluchari Silk

One of the most elegant silk fabrics of India, Baluchari originated in Bengal. Its elaborate and decorative pallu and intricate patterns in the body are enticing. The patterns in the saree are mainly traditional such as lifestyle, motifs, floral patterns, and animals.

Wearing a silk saree is an awesome and easy way to look special. If you are getting ready for weddings and religious ceremonies, saree is a great ethnic wear. At Paaprika, you will explore all latest and traditional designs for different occasions. From traditional Kanjivaram to modern organza silk, we have everything you would want for weddings. We are proud to deliver silk sarees online in California, Nevada, Arizona, and other states of USA.