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Aqua Blue Handcrafted Tissue Saree with Orange Contrast Embellished Border

Aqua Blue Handcrafted Tissue Saree with Orange Contrast Embellished Border

About this product: Introducing our Aqua Blue Handcrafted Tissue Saree with Orange Contrast Embellished Border  Contrast Embellished Border" a stunning masterpiece that radiates opulence and elegance. This saree features a...
 A closer look at the hand-embroidered 'mradodi' border, highlighting the fine craftsmanship and dedication of the artisans.

Aqua Blue Paithani Saree with Natural Kalamkari Creepers and Orange Hand-Embroidered Border

About This Product: Introducing our Aqua Blue Paithani Saree, a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines the richness of traditional Paithani silk with the artistry of Kalamkari craftsmanship and exquisite hand-embroidery....
The saree gracefully draped on a mannequin, revealing its artistic border.

Aqua Silk Tissue Saree with Multicolored Minakari Woven Motif Border

About this product: Introducing our Aqua Silk Tissue Saree with a Multicolored Minakari Woven Motif Border, a mesmerizing creation that combines the elegance of silk with the artistry of Minakari...
Aquablue Satin Crepe Printed Saree

Aquablue Satin Crepe Printed Saree

The Kani design is printed on a soft satin crepe saree The light blue Kani hues give a visually appealing look and add subtle beauty to the overall appearance. That's...
Close-up of Kalamkari Lord Krishna Design - A Divine Narrative on Saree.

Authentic Kalamkari Krishna Leelas Kanjivaram Silk Saree

PLEASE WRITE TO US ON HELLO@PAAPRIKA.COM OR PING US ON WHATSAPP +91 7416996016 TO PLACE ORDER FOR THIS SAREE. Celebrating the rich Indian mythology through an authentic Kalamkari, woven on...
Black and Red Tussar Silk Floral Embroidered Saree

Black and Red Tussar Silk Floral Embroidered Saree

A classic black tussar silk saree, embroidered with red and yellow blooming shrub roses. It's a lightweight silk saree creating a contrast edgy look. Draping this seductive black will boost...
Black Authentic Kalamkari Saree with Mirror & Gotapatti Details. The saree features a black base with vibrant handcrafted Kalamkari designs in red, green, and yellow. Intricate mirror work and delicate gotapatti detailing add a touch of elegance and glamour

Black Authentic Kalamkari Saree with Intricate Mirror and Gotapatti Details: A Fusion of Tradition and Glamour

This multi-colored kalamkari saree is a soul-binding fabrication of black pure silk handwoven saree. The delicate touch comes from the naturally extracted colours in kalamkari combination with the gloss of...
Black Handwoven Kanjivaram Saree with All-Over Checks and Buti Detailed Border, Dark Orange Selvedge

Black Handwoven Kanjivaram Saree with All-Over Checks and Buti Detailed Border, Dark Orange Selvedge

About This Product: Introducing our "Black Handwoven Kanjivaram Saree," a timeless masterpiece that celebrates traditional craftsmanship and intricate detailing. This saree features an elegant black hue that exudes sophistication and...
Stylish Draping - Bottle Green Kanjivaram Saree

Bottle Green Handwoven Kanjivaram Saree with Contemporary Vertical Woven Stripes

Introducing our "Bottle Green Handwoven Kanjivaram Saree," a timeless masterpiece that beautifully blends traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary touch. This saree features a rich bottle green hue that exudes sophistication...
Neatly folded bottle green Kanjivaram saree with intricate design.

Bottle Green Kanjivaram Handwoven Saree with Coral Pink Border and Woven Butis in Border

About This Product: Introducing our "Bottle Green Kanjivaram Handwoven Saree," a timeless masterpiece that embodies the richness of tradition and the allure of intricate detailing. This saree features a deep...
Brown Tussar Silk Embroidered Saree

Brown Tussar Silk Embroidered Saree

Gradient Tussar silk is famously known as Kosa silk. It is widely produced in the Indian city of Bhagalpur. This fine-looking brown shade saree, with thread and mukaish embroidery at the borders,...
The saree being worn at a formal event, highlighting its versatility and refined charm.

Burgundy Tissue Saree with Self Border and Woven Zari Details

About this product: Introducing our "Burgundy Tissue Saree with Self Border and Woven Zari Details," a timeless masterpiece that effortlessly combines sophistication and contemporary style. This saree boasts a rich...


Sarees are the most versatile piece of clothing in any Indian women’s wardrobe. For any Indian woman, sarees signify the epitome of grace amongst their ethic and party wear collection. They are a symbol of the rich heritage and the decades-old traditions of handweaving. From authentic Kanjivaram to intricate Chikankari sarees, the motifs in each encapsulate the story of the craft.  At Paaprika, we collaborate with artisans to develop one-of-a-kind, beautiful and authentic sarees. 

India proudly celebrates the weaves, embroideries and artwork each state has to offer. A majority of these crafts are forms of storytelling and represent events and folklores of the greats. Inspired by nature, stories and everyday events, craftsmen started narrating the emotions through motifs which were parts of a bigger narrative. Each of these art forms creates a visual rhythm through natural threads, beads, mirrors and more. The simple yet intricate geometrical representation of religious symbols in Kasuti embroidery or the play of vibrant colours and glistening zari highlights dipped in centuries of culture is the definition of an heirloom. 

Be it the women behind Lambani or the craftsmen who weave the Kanji silk sarees, they are a designer. Paaprika proudly collaborates with them with the hope to let the sarees take the center stage. Most of the detailing one sees on the saree is the result of months of collaborative efforts taken by the artisans and Paaprika. They get to experiment with the  fabrics, colours, motifs, and placements while maintaining the purity of the process.

This also ensures that the art form doesn’t lose its charm and that these families get to celebrate and share the rich history of the craft passed down through generations. This collaboration stage also gives them employment opportunities and helps keep the future generation from leaving the craft or the hub. 

Drape Sarees the Right Way

The diverse origin of these sarees for women also gives us exciting ways of draping. Yes, the silhouette of the blouse and the accessories can be played around with, but these draping styles have a different charm to them. Each of these saree draping techniques accentuates the features and it also is a reflection of the heritage and the culture of the place of origin. There are many popular ways to drape the sarees. Though there are traditional draping techniques like the Nauvari or Atpoure that have their own charm, drapes have to be carefully chosen for each occasion. A traditional drape works perfectly for a wedding and the festivities surrounding it. It also works well for festivities like Diwali, and Holi that are spread around the calendar. However, not every saree fits every occasion. The material, prints, embellishments and style dictate the choice of festivities it is picked out for. For example, a cocktail would have a sequins saree and for a festival like Diwali, one would prefer a more traditionally printed and woven. A saree dress or a pre-draped saree is also available and suits best for such celebrations.

How do you maintain Saree?

The occasion to wear these exquisite Indian sarees is rare and often not for long hours. Simply air-drying the sarees will work perfectly fine. After a few uses, the garment can be sent to the drycleaners. In case of any spills or stains, rinse that spot with cold water. Air dry but not in direct sunlight. Under any circumstance, the use of detergent is not advisable as the quality of the saree will deteriorate after a few washes. You can use mild, natural detergents if there is a need for them. The need to soak and handwash the saree completely depends on the saree’s material. 

If you hand wash the saree, soak it in salt water (preferably rock salt)  but not overnight. Do not use the cloth brush on it. If you are using a detergent, rinse it quickly and do not agitate the fabric. While washing it, avoid wringing the saree- this will weaken the weaves and might end up in tears.

Where can I buy Indian sarees online in the USA and India?

Finding authentic Indian sarees online is always a task. Buying Indian sarees online is difficult as one has to guess the quality of the fabric and the prints. With Paaprika, you can shop for unique traditionally handcrafted Indian sarees from the comfort of your space. The quality and comfort are surely guaranteed. Shopping online for sarees just got easier for we offer the best prices for authentic pieces 

Paaprika offers a variety of party wear, ethnic wear and designer sarees for you to choose from. Shop for authentic designer sarees online from the USA, Europe and anywhere around the world. Flaunt the authenticity and beauty of Indian sarees on occasions dear to you. The universal appeal of the Indian saree is enough emphasised and the unparalleled comfort and freedom it offers to seal the deal. Wherever in this world, the six yards of pure grace, culture, purity and elegance will make their way to you within 2-5 days of placing the order. In case you require the blouse to be stitched, it’ll take up to 10 days to deliver it to your doorstep.

For international customers, it has always been an issue to get hold of new designs taking over the Indian fashion industry. Recreating the quality of a saree shop, you can now shop sarees online.