The Label

Isn't my friend's name a unique one?

 Not only its name, it's object and intention is indeed in a class by itself. My heart wrenches when my eyes roll over power looms and machine works and digital prints overruling the authentic handcrafted masterpieces. Seeing this happening throughout, like an iron-willed leader, I decided to launch my store, ‘Paaprika’ who along with designing classic drapes that can be passed through generations will also have a palette that would match the tastes of all age groups. Have you ever seen a tag on an outfit with a tag ‘Designed in India?’ Doesn't your heart ache, seeing due credit not being given to the weavers and artisans?

Our object of launching ‘Paaprika’ is not only confined to promoting original weaves and art techniques on a global scale. The main purpose is to promote their authentic and rare designs by tagging to our outfits, ‘Designed and Made in India’, pinning a feather to the artisan's hat.

‘Paaprika’ got its name from red chilli. The sizzling red shade of red chilli is undeniably a treat to the eyes. Isn't red the colour of India, without a pinch of doubt in it? Be it the ravishing red silken bridal sarees or the vermillion that a woman puts at the parting of her hair or the red lipstick with which she adorns her lips, red is a colour that adds a tint of red to a woman's face, making her stand out of the buzzing crowd.

Through our versatile as well as valuable drapes, we want to convey stories, that usually go unheard. Working at the ground level, we ceaselessly work with the award-winning artisans and with the artisans and weavers, who work at close quarters with them in different corners of the country and curate and showcase their creations, a result of their blood, sweat and tears for the world to revere it.

We dwell in originality and authenticity. Our authentic drapes are especially for women that hunt for originality yet look for utmost lucidity in the designs that the drape embraces. More than crafting handcrafted, breathtakingly beautiful sarees, we divert much of our attention to turning our thoughts into reality by etching the designs on our handwoven drapes, exhibiting its incomparable beauty, that can have no rival in the market.

Uniqueness is in fact synonymous to ‘Paaprika.’ At ‘Paaprika’, constant efforts are made to stay true to our unique and untainted pieces. Another revelation that would startle you is the blending of weaves and arts at ‘Paaprika.’ Here, you can find authentic weaves and different art techniques being intertwined to create prized pieces that would narrate a bunch of untold stories.

While each state has its own art form, that makes it stick out a mile, interlacing of different weaves and techniques is done with a motive to come up with a piece, that is not only distinctive, but also reflects the significance of organic textiles and the uncommon beauty of handicrafts like kasuti embroidery on handwoven vidarbha tussar fabrics. Other impeccable art pieces, an unparalleled result of blending of weaves and arts are lambani embroidery on handwoven ilkal sarees and authentic pen kalamkari on handwoven four-gram real gold zari kanjivaram.

It's certainly true that a woman's attire speaks a thousand words. Sometimes, the outfit which she carries speaks things that are enough to pierce straight through one's heart and reach the core.

On most occasions, it's seen that the outfit a woman slips into speaks of her identity and power. Without a question, a woman feels emboldened and glows real different, when appareled in handcrafted sarees, carrying timeless and vivid designs. If this is what you're looking for without getting disappointed, then ‘Paaprika’ has to be your ultimate destination

We heartily welcome you to take absolute pleasure in our handcrafted outfits, designed, inserting all the minute deets you've always wanted to have on your customised drape. You can also get your blouses stitched from us, exactly the way you want it to be done. All you have to do is provide us with your measurements and accordingly, we'll stitch it and ship the blouse along with your wish listed, handcrafted saree to you. Paying no heed to where you live, keep browsing and wish listing your favourites for the handcrafted sarees you've ordered would be at your doorstep in no time, becoming a part of your mirth and merriment, carving an enchanting smile on your face, as enchanting as your handcrafted and handwoven saree.