A closer look at the hand-embroidered 'mradodi' border, highlighting the fine craftsmanship and dedication of the artisans.
The saree elegantly displayed on a mannequin, capturing the beauty of the Kalamkari design and the hand-embroidered border.
A full-length shot of a woman gracefully draped in the Aqua Blue Paithani saree, radiating elegance and artistry.
A broader view of the entire Aqua Blue Paithani saree, displaying the captivating Kalamkari design and the rich texture of the silk.
A close-up view of the Aqua Blue Paithani saree's body, showcasing the intricate Natural Kalamkari Creepers design.
 A close-up of the saree's vibrant Orange Hand-Embroidered Border, showcasing the intricate hand-embroidery known as 'mradodi.'

Aqua Blue Paithani Saree with Natural Kalamkari Creepers and Orange Hand-Embroidered Border

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About This Product:

Introducing our Aqua Blue Paithani Saree, a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines the richness of traditional Paithani silk with the artistry of Kalamkari craftsmanship and exquisite hand-embroidery. This saree features captivating Natural Kalamkari Creepers and a vibrant Orange Hand-Embroidered Border.

The body of the saree showcases the intricate art of Natural Kalamkari, where colors are derived from natural sources like myrobalam and pomegranate peels. Our skilled artisans have meticulously crafted this design with utmost precision, celebrating the beauty of nature and traditional craftsmanship.

What sets this saree apart is the exquisite hand-embroidery, known as 'mradodi,' adorning the border. Each stitch is done by hand, showcasing the dedication and skill of our artisans. The result is a saree that exudes elegance and artistry.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this Aqua Blue Paithani Saree is a work of art that not only showcases the cultural richness of India but also embraces eco-friendly practices with its natural dyeing process. Whether you're attending a wedding, a cultural event, or a special occasion, this saree will make you stand out with its unique blend of tradition, artistry, and sustainability. Embrace the cultural heritage and artistic beauty of this exquisite ensemble, and leave a lasting impression on every occasion.

Style Tip: 

To complement the artistic beauty of our Aqua Blue Paithani Saree, we recommend pairing it with a contrasting orange silk blouse, which resonates with the vibrant hand-embroidered border. Add traditional gold jewelry, such as a choker necklace, statement earrings, and bangles, to elevate the saree's elegance. Style your hair in a classic bun adorned with floral accessories for a touch of timeless grace. Keep your makeup radiant and understated, allowing the saree's intricate artistry and natural dyes to shine. With this ensemble, you'll not only look stunning but also showcase your appreciation for cultural heritage and eco-friendly craftsmanship.

Colour: Aqua
Fabric: Paithani silk
Specialty: Handcrafted
Handwoven Hours:  hours
Measurement: Length -5.60 m, Width - 1.18 m, Blouse - 1 m approx
Our mantra: Artisanal.Timeless.Handcrafted

You may bump into irregularities on the fabric but they're the indicators that the fabric is purely handwoven and is not a result of digital printing or machine work. ‘Imperfect is beautiful!’

Note: The shade of the product may vary slightly due to the lighting during photo shoot of the product or your device screen resolution.

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