The Designer

Words are definitely what we live for, but there are some that are extremely rare and etch a special place in our hearts and continue to live there like a genial tenant, staying on a piece of land, without paying a penny to his landlord. Savi Sharma's ‘Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books, and some are confined to hearts are like that genial tenant, who have been staying in my heart for a long, long time rent-free.

I couldn't find a better place to tell my story, that's confined in my heart for years now. It happened to me during my childhood, at a very tender I take a trip down the memory lane, I remember being thoroughly interested in customised outfits, being extremely devoted towards the intricacies, colours and crafts. Since then, I've been paying keen attention to every detail. This is how it all started!

Despite being at an age, when teddies and barbies fascinated others, I was thoroughly consumed by my customised outfits being given lives. Right from the stage of dyeing the fabric to the very last stage, when the outfit is ready to be worn, for my kith and kin to stare at my outfits in wonder, I enjoyed every process, without losing interest, even for a fraction of time. In addition to this, my interest heightened more, when I tagged along with my mom for shopping, every single time. While shopping, my eyes would always delve for minute details on textiles.

‘Paaprika’ is not a young store, who has been given birth to a few months back. It might have got its official birth, some time before, but for me, it has been my boon companion for years now. After giving a face to my bosom friend, who hasn't left me, throughout this journey of mine, a journey of highs and lows, I'm proud to say that now ‘Paaprika’ is creating jobs for 130 artisans now, including embroiders, craft artists and weavers. My chest broadens, when I say, 60% of our artisans are women. A gentlewoman's joy heightens by twice, when other women, even a stranger is equally involved in the work she is engaged in.

Decades old arts and heirlooms, whom we have forgotten with the passage of time or the ones that are on the verge of extinction are being revived by us. Casting all the light on them, we're diligently working towards giving them their name and fame back. These decades old arts and heirlooms are coupled with authentic embroidery and border embellishments to bring the bling out.

Along with exploring new weaves, arts and crafts and working day in and day out towards our goals of reviving these arts as well as creating work for the adept artisans, we're thoroughly enjoying this journey of crowning the weaves and arts that have been our recognition for decades. Staying unique by brining authentic and pure heirloom pieces to our customers is the potion we gulp every day.

Heartily, I welcome you all to celebrate the beauty and authenticity of our traditional weaves and arts together.

xoxo, Swetha